Tinder Loops will allow you to create or  upload a short video to your Tinder Profile from Now.

Always i wonder how to create a Video on my tinder Profile or  why video dating sites were never popular. They imagine

how real it would be to talk to someone on the other side of the screen that really exists, has no photoshop, you hear their voice and you know if it inspires confidence or not to see it. The photos were never reliable, it’s more; I could say that there have been so many false profiles and faces that were not the same as we saw in the profile.


The dating application has just presented a new feature that can help you make your profile stand out.

Called Tinder Loops, the feature allows you to add two-second videos to your profile along with still photos. After testing this feature in Canada and Sweden since April, Tinder is now implementing it for iOS users in the US. UU., Western Europe and selected countries of Asia and the Middle East.


That’s right, you get two seconds of video in a loop to show more personality, which is the best way to know if you connect or not with someone.

create a tinder Loop here

My Idol  is a free App (application) for Apple and Android devices which originated in China.

As a user, you can personalize your selfie with different virtual characters that can sing, dance on a pipe, exercise or disguise themselves as aliens, among other things.

The high impact of this application in Asia has led to the release of an English and Spanish version of My Idol. Any user can make their own animated My Idol App avatar, based on a photo with various options to personalize, such as skin and eye color, as well as all the accessories, scenes and attire pre-established by My Idol App.

My idol app is now in ENGLISH! 

iPhone Screenshot 1


If you have recently browsed Twitter, Vine or Instagram, then you’d probably know what ‘My Idol’  is famous for! You must have been a witness to amazing, creepy, horrifying and humorous videos in 3D avatar shared by the fans.  It is all done using this viral app –

My Idol! If you have an iPhone or an iPad, you can do it too, simply by downloading this app. By using this Chinese app, you can transform your picture into videos of singing, doing exercises, and dancing 3D cartoon avatars.

It is a debut app by Huanshi Limited and is presently available only in Chinese, though an English version is expected soon. If you don’t know Chinese, then too you can start creating with this app, as there are so many tutorials round the web that teach how to use it.

 iPhone Screenshot 2

What makes it popular? Why are people going gaga over it?

  • IT IS A WHOLE NEW CONCEPT FOR THE APP WORLD – Anything that’s new catches the attention of a lot of eyeballs. And if it is something this much fun, who would want to miss it?


  • EASE OF USING – Just click a selfie or pick an image from the gallery, and select the markers/digital strings to mark the boundary of your face and other features. These will be helpful in customizing your lips, eyes, nose and ears to different expressions.


Next, you can dress up your avatar. Show how creative you are, and tinker with the skin tone, eye color, hair and glasses. Choose from a wide variety of outfits – normal jeans T-shirts, dresses from China, and funny panda outfits. You can choose the age and the gender as well.

Once you are done dressing your Avatar, it’s the time to animate it or give it a nice pose. The portrait icon button would let you flip through several poses for your new avatar and the movie icon will let you incorporate your avatar into pre-set songs, dances and other common scenarios like working out and riding a bike.

After this, you are all good to save it or share it via social media sites.


  • THESE ARE SHARABLE- People are addicted to social media and they share just everything that’s anything. Then this is something super entertaining, funny, terrific and amazing. Users would definitely want to show off these cool avatars to the people around them.

My idol pp is now in ENGLISH!