Where do I get My Idol?


Where do I get My  Idol?


When you begin, MyIdol will give you somewhat instructional video on the most proficient method to take the best photograph for the application. Ensure you’re in a sufficiently bright room, under an immediate light source so there are few shadows all over. At that point evacuate any caps or glasses — the camera isn’t generally certain what to do with these. Push your hair out of your face too.

You’ll need to take a selfie straight on, without tilting your head. The application has convenient rules and will demonstrate to you a green box when your face is situated well. Snap the photograph and keep it by squeezing the checkmark. On the other hand, you can transfer a photo from your camera roll, yet it needs to meet the same criteria — however this is an extraordinary approach to put your companions or famous people into the application.

MyIdol then outputs your face and requests that you twofold check the limits of your facial elements by repositioning green markers on the screen. This is unquestionably where shadows or facial hair could give the application inconvenience, so ensure everything is right. (I utilized Game of Thrones Khal Drogo performing artist Jason Momoa to show how facial hair can trip the application up.)

Next, you’ll be given two catches. Most non-Chinese speakers may accept the green catch intends to continue, while the red one means about-face, however they are really requesting that you pick your sexual orientation. Tap the green catch on the left for male and the red catch on the ideal for female. (Try not to stress on the off chance that you destroy this present; it’s anything but difficult to settle later.)

Voila! You’re filtered in

Your face (or your picked victim’s) is currently on somewhat smaller than normal simply asking to be altered. Yet, before we go on, how about we clarify the menu:

my idol guide

myidol guide

You’ll see four catches on the base column. Click the one with the coat to begin on customization.

This area has huge amounts of choices that can destroy a great deal of your time. The main catch, with the clock, decides your age. (The aide by application creator Avatarworks calls this “Time Machine.”) You can have some good times transforming your character into a wrinkled little raisin, or a splendid peered toward seraph. (Truly, why are infant’s eyes reminiscent of an anime character’s?)


The following tab is cosmetics and skin tone. You’ll have the capacity to fairly change your skin tone, however the alternatives are extremely restricted for lighter tones. (Furthermore, mysteriously, there is likewise green and blue.) You can likewise change your skin tone’s glow with the base slider or enhance your skin quality with the main three.

MyIdol Makeup

(Significant: This is the place I learned you could change your sex in the altering procedure, by hitting the two catches at the top focus of the screen.)

The following choices were significantly more plain as day, as you’ll have the capacity to change your symbol’s hair and apparel. There are separate tabs for glasses, hairdo, facial hair, shaded contacts, tops, bottoms, shoes and face paint. The greatest tip here is that things that are turned gray out aren’t behind a paywall; rather, you simply need to snap and let it load. Green content shows up over it while it’s stacking, and you can stack different things without a moment’s delay, which is colossal since greater ones take a while.

The greatest disillusionment for some individuals is there are loads of haircuts, yet not a considerable measure of hair sorts or surfaces. You can’t choose shading and style autonomously, which means styles are bolted into one hair shading. I couldn’t generally locate any near my hair, which as a matter of fact is pink, however there were a couple of option alternatives.

MyIdol hairs

MyIdol hairs

There are likewise full outfits in the a portion of the tabs. The one with the bloom has some bizarre options (the aide calls this tab “young lady suit”), and the tab to the far right including a little leotard symbol has significantly more alternatives. You’ll discover a great deal of bizarre decisions, including some super saints, extravagant dresses, competitors and a goliath panda. A large number of these additionally accompany a going with movement when you put them on.

chelsea top america myidol

Presently, on to the fun part

chelsea cap america myidol

While MyIdol’s hearty character maker can be fun, what’s truly extraordinary is making your little symbol actually move for your entertainment. Once you’ve completed the process of modifying, tapping the upper left corner will take you back to the principle menu.

You can now make motion pictures featuring smaller than normal you. Tap the little film camera symbol to hop right in. Flip through the tabs up top to look at an assortment of motion picture modes, which will take a tad bit of time to stack into MyIdol. (This is another extraordinary time to stack a group of motion picture alternatives and put your telephone down for a couple of minutes.) A considerable measure of the tunes put your character into karaoke mode. While the vast majority of the melodies are Chinese, there are a couple of Japanese and English tunes tossed in as well, including Justin Timberlake’s “SexyBack” and the unpreventable Frozen song of praise, “Let it Go.”

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