My Idol App for iphone & Android Apk (Download)

My Idol App for iphone & Android Apk (Download)
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My Idol App for Iphone   –    What is all the Fuss about?

Let’s have some fun guys. If you happen to follow app trends on the social networks, you might have noticed a certain app being discussed a lot lately, namely the My Idol App for Iphone (Ios ). So what is all the fuss about? Well, quite simply, it is all for the lolz. Lolz, what? The laughter guys, the laughter. Let me tell you a bit more about this My Idol App and how it works.

Basically it is a Chinese sort of photoshop makeover app designed to make the user and the ones they share their work with, well, laugh their asses off. There’s one problem though – the user interface is in Chinese and the My Idol App can still only be found fori  OS / Iphone , but not for Android officialy (yo can dowload th Apk File Here ). However, in the description of the My Idol App in the iOS store, it says that the English version is coming soon, so stay tuned.

So when you install the app, which by the way is totally free, and start it, the first thing you want to do is take a picture of your face. This will be the template used to generate your avatar. And I literally mean an avatar, with an oversized head, but still an avatar. You can even make it blue just like the ones in the movie if you know what I mean. So after you take a shot of your face, the app will analyze it and produce a pretty good cartoonization of you as a matter of fact. You will probably be laughing already. But the best part has yet to come.

Now that you have your face setup, you will see the default hair, body stats and clothes for your avatar. Let’s change those. You can choose age, skin tone, hair, contrast, and pretty much anything to make yourself look pretty again. Then you can choose a hairstyle and clothes. There are pre-defined outfits, or you can independently choose shirt, pants and shoes. There are some pretty horrendous and at the same time, hilarious combinations. When you have your avatar ready, you can now save it and use it as a source for social media fame. There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube on using the My Idol App  for Iphone and what each button and text means in English.

So now that you have the avatar of your dreams, it is time to put it to good use. You can save default pictures from it, or make pre-defined videos with it, which is what most people on social media are doing. You can make it sing a song, dance on a pole, and countless other hilarious videos. And you can even put the faces of some famous people to make people pee their pants.

On one final note, I just want to say that the My Idol App developers probably put a lot of work into this, and they released it for free, so high-five to that!