My Idol App:

Give Your 3D Avatar its Own Life

You should make sure that when you take your selfie only your face and hair are in the photo, because the App My Idol Android has the option for you to choose your own hairstyle. Once you’re satisfied with your Selfie, tap the green button. The App will scan the photo and detect what is necessary to give it volume. Additionally, you can move everything as you like so that the 3D avatar is as similar to the original as possible.

All right! You have your three dimensional avatar and you can perform thousands of actions with it. You can change your clothing, appearance, add accessories and add-ons, create animated pictures, animated and funny videos with voice, among other things.

  • What is My Idol App?

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    My Idol  is a free App (application) for Apple and Android devices which originated in China.

    As a user, you can personalize your selfie with different virtual characters that can sing, dance on a pipe, exercise or disguise themselves as aliens, among other things.

    The high impact of this application in Asia has led to the release of an English and Spanish version of My Idol . Any user can make their own animated My Idol App avatar, based on a photo with various options to personalize, such as skin and eye color, as well as all the accessories, scenes and attire pre-established by My Idol App Avatar Club.

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